10 Best Live TV Streaming Sites To Watch TV Online

No matter how many movies and TV Shows you have on your hard drive or on-demand streaming service, the experience of streaming live TV channels and watching TV Online on PC & Laptop is exceptional. Nowadays Watching TV On the Internet is new cool. Whether it is live sports, award shows, live news or the latest episode of Suits, live TV always is better than recorded or on-demand TV.

But along with all these privileges of live TV streaming, there are some cons too. For Free Live TV Streaming sites to work you need a cable subscription, and cable subscription packages are pretty expensive. The basic packages offered by cable companies of USA starts with around $80, which excludes some of the premium networks HBO, SHOWTIME etc. Also, you also have to pay for a lot of TV channels, you don’t even want to watch.

Other than these things, cable services also have a lot of contracts which you have to sign before subscription, these contracts usually bound you in yearly bonds, which is a big problem if you are not satisfied with the service. So to overcome this problem I did a little research and came up with this list of free Live TV Streaming Sites. Each of the websites is tested individually, there is also a brief info about all the sites I have mentioned, so you can easily access the site. So here is the list of free live TV streaming sites.

Free Live TV Streaming Sites To Watch Internet TV

1. Stream2Watch.cc

Best Sites to Watch Live TV Online

Stream2Watch is a well-known platform for streaming live sports (almost all the famous sports), but very few people know that is is one of the best platforms to stream live TV channels online. The service is free of cost and unlike any other website, it doesn’t need any registration or login, you can directly select the content and watch it. The quality of content is pretty decent, although you don’t have the option to switch the quality, it will automatically change according to your bandwidth or your connection speed.

The list of live TV channels available for free streaming is so long, that it is kind of pointless to name them. The service has TV channels from more than 20 countries. The interface is simple to use, just open the website and click on Live television on the top bar. Then select your country and then the TV channel you want to watch.

2. Lihattv.com

Lihatttv is also a good platform to Watch and Stream Free TV online. The channels selection is really good and pretty big I must say. Unlike Stream2watch, the channels are not categorized as per the country or region, but you can easily search the channels on the top search bar.

The search is quite accurate and gives out all the matching results of the name you have entered, below is the result I got, when I searched ABC. The quality of content is really good, better than most of the free services. The website also asks you to and a VLX-X browser extension as a media player, as the video is not supported by the browser alone.

3. BBCiPLayer

Screenshot Of BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a service launched officially by BBC (British Broadcasting Company). The service is free of cost and offers more than 7 of the BBC channels. The service is only for the audience in the UK, but can be accessed with the help of a VPN. Some of the channels which you can watch on BBC iPlayer are BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC International, Ceebies etc.

The service can be accessed through the official website or with the help of different Blu-ray player apps. BBC Iplayer also has a separate app for Android and iOS users. The quality is great, you can also watch your content in High Definition. No doubt, it’s best in the class of Free online TV.

4. Hulu

A great platform to watch ongoing TV shows and movies from different famous TV channels. The service doesn’t offer live TV online but offers the episodes of the ongoing TV shows, the next day they are offered on their cable channels. The service is free of cost, but you won’t get the complete series for binge watching, although the latest 5 episodes of shows are available for streaming.

Plan and Pricing of Hulu

Hulu also has a premium service known as Hulu Plus, which costs $8 a month. With Hulu Plus you will get the episodes of entire TV series along with a lot of good movies for free streaming. HD content is also not available on the free service but on Hulu Plus.

Another advantage of using Hulu is that Hulu is a pretty popular service (more than 6 million paid subscribers in the USA alone), so the device support of this service is amazing. Almost all the major streaming devices like PlayStation, Roku and Smart TV and any others. Indeed one of the most used Live TV streaming sites around the world.

5. Freetvall.me

Live Tv Streaming Site

Freetvall is also a free website to watch free live TV online. The live channels list is pretty big, and the best thing is that the channels are classified according to the countries as well as the different genres of music, movies, news, animation and many others, which is hard to find in any other free service in the market. The interface is not that eye pleasing but easy to navigate, but nothing to complain as it is a free service, definitely one of the top live tv streaming site.

6. UstvNow.com

US TV NOW is a great service to watch free live TV channels online, the service was officially launched for the military personnel or United States citizens, living outside of US for work, but there is no security check or confirmation, so almost anyone can use it. There are 4 plans, and one of the is free. The free plan includes 7 of the major US channels for free streaming, including ABC, CBS, FOX, CW……

The service is available for free streaming, if you want to stream it on web browsers, for the blu-ray player and other streaming devices, you will need to subscribe to the paid plan. The paid plans are also pretty good and offer up to 200 channels, and can be streamed through almost all the mainstream devices and apps.

7. Yupptv

Best Live TV Streaming Sites

Yupptv is a newly launched service to watch free live TV Channels online. The service offers Indian regional and national channels for live streaming, but it also has few of the English channels like HBO, History TV etc. Basically, the service is a paid one for the audience of the United States and other north and south American countries, but for the Indian audience, it is completely free.

So if you live outside of India, you can access the service for free with the help of a VPN, to change your IP address to India. The both interface and quality are good and eye pleasing and deserve to be on the list of best free live TV streaming websites.

8. LiveStation

Live Station is an international platform to stream live TV online. It is basically focused on the News channels around the world. It’s live TV channels catalog includes almost all the major news networks around the world like Aljazeera, BBC International etc.

The service is almost free to use, almost all of the channels in the catalog are available for free streaming, there are few channels for which you have to ay, but the fee is also very less ($2 a month only). The interface is simple, the service also has an app for Android and iOS users.

9. Streema

Watch Live TV Channels on Streema

Last but not the least, Streema is a great platform to stream live TV online. The list of channels is I think the biggest when compared to all the other live TV streaming sites. The most amazing thing about the service is that the service offers channels up to regional levels. Now, what I did, I selected the United States than New York and the New York City, and I was amazed to see even the regional channels of New York City were available.

The site offers live TV online channels from a lot of different countries across the world. The site is easy to use, you just need to register and you are all set to stream your favorite TV channel. Due to its amazing channels catalog and easy to access design, Streema is on my list of top three live TV streaming sites.

10. YouTube

Well, you all know about this, don’t you? but still, let me tell you YouTube gave this feature for Live streaming. Few of the world’s top Broadcasting networks they have already started using this. As it is easier to target the potential users between the age group of 16-36 Via YouTube. You might Know the latest trend (i.e) Web Series Real trending thing nowadays. So search your fav. Network on YouTube you might find the place to watch your shows.


With VOD streaming services you always have to decide the titles you gonna watch but Live TV Streaming always has something new to surprise you, and believe it or not, there is a kind of excitement watching live TV online which you won’t find on any other platform. Watching the match on Live TV Streaming sites like a cricket match, basketball, Rugby is a new trend.

Here, it was all about top free live TV streaming sites for free movies, TV shows, and live TV channels online. I will update the list when I’ll come across a new and amazing free service or website to stream live TV. If you know any other platform, service or website, share with us in the comment section below, I will include that on my list.

So that’s it enjoy free live TV streaming online, and share your experience with us, and do not forget to share the list with your family and friends.

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