6 Best Live TV Apps For Android & iOS You Should Try

There are a lot of movie streaming apps in the market which offers you free movies and TV shows on their platforms, but all of them lacks the enjoyment and excitement of live cable TV. Along with the latest episodes of your favorite shows, live TV also offers lots of different telecasts of award shows, football, and other sports, live and current news. So let’s find out how live TV streaming sites and apps works.

Along with all the features, the most important benefit of using live TV streaming apps is that you don’t have to sign any yearly of half-yearly contracts which bound you to leave the service. The services mentioned in the list are either free or monthly subscription based, so you can unsubscribe them without paying an extra penny.

Live TV Streaming Apps For Android and iOS

1. Sling TV

Screenshot of Sling TV Streaming app

Sling TV is a value for money service. Sling TV offers a lot of popular TV channels like ESPN, AMC, TBS, A&E, HGTV, TNT and much more. The service is of $20 for a month. You will also get a free 7 days trial to try out the service if you are opting for the service for the first time.

Sling TV has a lot of packages, the basic package starts from $20, after this, the packages are designed for different genres like Kids Extra, Sports Extra, News Extra… each of the package costs $5 per month. You can also get HBO Channels, which will cost you $15 per month in addition to your existing bill. There are a lot of devices which support Sling TV like Play Station, Roku, Xbox etc. Sling TV also has separate apps for bit Android and iOS devices.

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USTV Now is a one in a million app for watching Live TV channels online. The app was designed for US Army servicemen or other US residents living outside USA. The service offers several of the major networks of USA – CBS, ABC for free, as they are free for US audience living in USA.

USTV NOW has 3 other packages which are not free, the cheapest of them is of $20 a month. The quality of both the site and the app is decent but the interface is not that catchy. For a free service USTV NOW is a great option but as a paid one, there are better alternatives in the market. Separate apps for both Android and iOS can be downloaded from Play Store and Apple Store.

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3. BBC iPlayer

Screenshot Of BBCiplayer

BBC is a world-famous platform for both entertainment and information and BBC iPlayer is a new app launched by BBC, which offers live telecast of 7+ channels of BBC for free. The service was launched only for the audience and the abroad audience can use it with the help of virtual private networks.

BBC is also planning to launch BBC iPlayer for the audience of USA soon. The main channels included in the service are BBC 1-4, Ceebies, BBC International News etc. BBC Live Tv Streaming  App for both Android and iOS are available, you can also access the service by directly visiting the official site.

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4. Live Station

Live Station is a platform for watching live news channels from all over the world. The app is pretty simple and intelligent interface as it does not have a lot of genres to decide from. Most of the channels are free of cost, only a few are paid, that too also with very nominal price.

The service is really good for cord cutters and business people who travel a lot and want to get connected to he happening in the world. Apps are available for both Android and iPhone, you can also browse the official website directly, to stream live news online.

5. Hulu

Watch TV Live On Hulu

Hulu has a slightly different business, which means it does not telecast live TV channels but the recent episodes of many of the famous ongoing TV shows. Hulu has a lot of contracts with famous TV networks like FOX, FX, ABC, MTV, Nat Geo, Discovery, Bravo, USA TV etc. The service has 2 plans, first one is free in which you have to wait 8 days for the latest episode and the premium one in which you can watch the show, the next day it is telecast in its respective network. The premium pack starts from $8 a month.

Hulu is also planning a live TV based service by the end of this year. The service will have similar traits as that of Sling, but the cost of the new service can go as high as $40 a month. Apart from this Hulu also offers a lot of free movies for both app and web customers. Both the Android and iOS app have a pretty good interface and are very easy to navigate with an amazingly simple menu.

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6. Play Station Vue

Play Station Vue is another great live TV streaming service, which offers over 50 of the most popular cable TV channels for live streaming in just $ 40 a month, which is way less than a cable subscription. The service has no contracts, all you need is to subscribe to the monthly package and renew your package at the end of your month.

Their channels available in the $40 package. The service supports a lot of devices like Play Station, Roku, Chromecast and has mobile and tablets apps for all the major operating systems.

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7. CBS All Access & HBO NOW

On one hand, where many of the big media entertainment brands joined hands for Online Live TV business, HBO and CBS came up with their standalone services for their original content and channels.

HBO launched HBO NOW for all of the HBO’s old and new programming in just one place. The service has a wide catalog including the old classic series like The Sopranos and the newest season of HBO’s livewire show Game of Thrones. CBS also decided to stand alone with a cheap model of $ 6 a month telecasting all the major channels which are CBS’s subsidiaries.

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Live TV streaming is just like watching TV on cable, the main difference is that you don’t have to pay for cable TV but for your internet connection and the app or service you have subscribed. The experience will be same with a very little lag (few minutes maybe). The shows will be scheduled at the same time and you will also have to watch advertisements in between the shows. The interface will give you a proper menu to select the channel you want to watch.

These were all the apps to watch live TV channels on your mobiles or tablets, I will update the article with few more apps. For any other help regarding live TV channels streaming, write your query in the comment box below.

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